Devotional : Eyes on the Prize
This devotional is intended for those in full-time ministry. It's too easy to lose focus and forget the important mission which lies behind the daily jobs we do in ministry. We want to remind you to allow God to own your ministry and direct it's paths, especially when you're feeling overwhelmed.

The Moral Law
The argument for a moral law is one of the most persuasive arguments in favor of God's existence. It was the basis for much of the writing of C.S. Lewis. What makes the moral law so interesting is that we need not consult any ancient texts or religious doctrine, we need only to look inside ourselves

Devotional : Adulterous Hearts
How does our sin look to God. Does He see it as a mistake? A little problem? No, it's much worse. Our sin is like adultery. In this devotional, we look at a parable of a loyal wife and her unfaithful husband to try and comprehend how deeply our sin grieves God.

Why Should I Believe Jesus Was the Son of God?
One of Christianity's core beliefs is that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, but what evidence can we find to support this claim? This article explores how the resurrection demonstrates that Jesus was exactly who He claimed to be.

Why Do I Need Jesus?
Christians often talk of being "saved", but what are they being saved from? This article examines the problem of sin and explains how and why Jesus Christ is the only answer to the problem.

Do People Who Don't Believe in Jesus Go To Hell?
It's natural for us to worry about the fate of our loved ones after they die. This article will look at the nature of God's revelation to us and show that we need not worry about where we will go when we die, for God loves us and we can trust Him completely.

Christianity's Toughest Issues
Here, we've done our very best to tackle the most serious and important questions about Jesus - the ones that people struggle with most frequently. There are not many easy answers here, but we promise to give you the straight truth.

The Case For Christ
Following in the tradition of Lee Strobel's excellent work, "The Case For Christ", these articles will take you through an investigation of the historical Jesus Christ and present the evidence that Christianity is founded on fact and reason as well as faith.

Rejecting The Cure
If sin is a fatal disease which will all have, then Jesus Christ is the cure. Why, then, do so many people "reject the cure?" This series of articles explores some of the reasons people don't accept the message of the Gospel.

7 Questions Skeptics Ask
Rusty Wright, associate speaker and writer with Probe Ministries, takes a look at seven of the most common questions about Christianity asked by skeptics.

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