Devotional : Listening To God
Our relationship with Jesus has much in common with our relationships with friends and family. When we demonstrate effort and commitment in our relationships, they flourish. When neglected or abandoned, they suffer and decline. As with any relationship, listening plays a very important part.

Devotional : Almighty God
As Christians, we love and worship God, but do we fear Him? Do we remember that He is all-powerful and sovereign? In this devotional, we look at Isaiah chapter 6, where Isaiah's encounter with God reminds us how mighty He is.

Devotional : Humility and Thankfulness
Humility and thankfulness are very important qualities for Christians to exhibit. Our self-centered culture and society are not conducive to being thankful and humble, so how do we effectively demonstrate these qualities daily? Passages from Paul, Peter and James provide the answer.

Devotional : World at War
Spiritual warfare is an unpleasant concept, and not one we like to think about or talk about. Nevertheless, it is very real and we need to be equipped to engage the enemy. In this devotional, we examine what spiritual warfare really looks like and what we are called to do to as warriors for Christ.

Devotional : Healing The Wounds Of War
This devotional looks at the devastating impact the war for the Kingdom has had on each of us, and how we are wounded as a result of the conflict. We are all casualties in need of healing, and that healing can only come from Jesus Christ.

Devotionals : Love Our Enemies
Jesus commanded us to love our enemies, but to fully appreciate this commandment, we need to understand the type of love He means. This devotional examines what this kind of love really looks like when put into practice, and how God provided the ultimate example of what we are being asked to do.

Devotional : The Hero of the Story
Our perspective will help determine our reaction to trials and difficulties in our life. If we see our life as a story where we are the hero, we will constantly ask, "Why God?" This devotional explores why we need to see God as the hero and author of our life so that we can trust Him to rescue us.

Devotional : Freedom
Robin Mark wrote, "It's only in your will that I am free." But how can we find freedom in surrendering our will to another? Isn't that the opposite of freedom? This devotional explores the meaning of freedom and explains why surrendering all to Jesus is precisely how we can achieve ultimate peace and freedom.

Devotional : Ambition
Ambition can certainly be a good quality, but it also carries a great risk of preventing us from seeking God's will for our lives. In this devotional, we examine the dangers and pitfalls of personal ambition, and look at ways we can ambitiously use our gifts and talents for God's glory instead.

Devotional : Work Hard, Play Hard
God surely wants us to make the most of our time on earth, so we tend to jealously guard both our work and leisure time so that none of it is wasted or interrupted. But what does this kind of lifestyle do to our relationships, especially our relationship with Jesus? This devotional examines why it's so important to trust God to tell us how to spend our time wisely and make it meaningful.,-Play-Hard.aspx

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