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1: Mary, the Mother of Jesus (died 1st Century). | Christian History Institute
Rosi York says: Worderful job!!! To be able to reaserch on the internet (for free) is something only God will be able to reward! Keep going guys! Have a great day!

White Flag Winners - #3038
Heather says: Yes indeed. Last week as preparing a teaching on worship, I got " surrender does not mean you have lost but that surrender to Jesus is victory"

How Should a Christian Respond to “Gay Marriage”? - Answers in Genesis
jordan says: How is Homosexuality a sin? 1 John 3:4 "Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness." If sin is lawlessness, which law claims that being homosexual is a sin? Homosexuality is not a sin as long as it does not break any of the laws. There are far more sinners who claim to be Christian who are straight who see themselves better than the homosexuals! Unless you are perfect as Jesus Christ was, no one has the authority to judge anyone. How can we as Christians be fighting so hard for a topic such as gay marriage when the world is full of sin? Why don't we fight just as hard for other issues such as alcohol, cheating, drugs, gambling, and many more problems existing in the world today?

Sabbath in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Roy Page says: Roy says: The New Covenant does not do away with the Sabbath, it just transfers the law of God into the hearts of his people instead of them being written on stone (Hebrews 8:10, 10:16). This gives people the ability to keep Gods commandments (Romans 3:31). You will finda lot of useful information about this here: http://www.logosapostolic.org/bible_study/RP208-SabbathDayCommandment.htm

Study in the Bible: John 5:37-40
Chris says: @Andrew sorry, we don't have any Bibles in Kirundi. You might try contacting Wycliffe or Biblica. Both organizations are devoted to Bible translation and might be able to help you out: http://www.biblica.com/ http://www.wycliffe.org/

Judging others - a Christian perspective
awalker says: Yes and no. To be more accurate this type of judgment you have referred is unrighteous judgement. Jesus is talking about Christians judging those who are not of the faith--that type of judgment is for God alone. When it comes to judging those of the faith, we are to judge one another in love, holding each other accountable for Godly conduct and righteous living as we are to be the light of the World not not walk in darkness. Therefore, we are to discern and judge one other. Deut 16:8,Matt 18:15-17; 1 Cor 5; 9-13...

"Together" in the Bible: Hebrews 10:25
Joey says: I am trying to get a point across and to show something to my nephew who has just turned 14. He is a good child, has been saved, and preaches what he 'knows' from the Bible to anyone and everyone no matter who it is or where there at. Besides of my discomfort with him actually preaching to people at such an early age just as a pastor would at church, he has so many misconceptions of what is in the Good Book and I am really concerned and worried about him. I am worried that he might share or 'preach' something that isn't accurate and lead someone down the wrong path with his words. You would have to be present to experience it. One problem is that he will get interested in a subject or book in the Bible and study it as he was obsessed and until he can quote from that book. He then moves on to another book or chapter that HE IS INTERESTED IN, not just any book, and do the same. From an insider knowing what he does, it looks and appears that studying the Bible is a hobby for him and books or passages that he is not interested in, my nephew does not study. He preaches and quotes the Bible from parts of that he has studied relentlessly but when he is questioned about something he hasn't studied, he gets so defensive that you could not even imagine, he starts pointing out personal faults and telling the person who is listening whether it be me, his other uncle, or anyone, that they are the one with the problem. This has gone on for a long period and I truly wish to help him and let him know just what little bit that I know as an adult. I am not proclaiming to be anybody of importance or significance; I am a child of God and an infant Christian. I just observe many behaviors that he has learned or put into practice b/c he doesn't know any better and then will not listen but get hostile and defensive when you try to help him or discuss with him different concepts and different passages in the Bible that we, as Christians, are expected to follow. He, by his own admission, is passed the age of accountability and I merely wish to discuss with him Christian standards that are in the Bible, not man's rules and legalism, but the written truth. One topic, for instance, that I am trying to get through to him is going to Church. His mother used to take him to a non-denominational Church that seemed to just by-pass the Old Testament all together excluding the 10 Commandments and creation. I understand that you or anyone can have Church at home or anywhere where two or more are gathered in His name; BUT my nephew doesn't go to Church at all and from the inside and outside looking in and looking out, he does not give it a second thought. I just got off of the phone from a 30 minute conversation about the subject and the human side of him will not listen or try to understand different passages and Christian standards that are in the Bible that he doesn't already know. This goes back to him listening to someone else discuss or educate him about stuff he doesn't know. I almost believe that that is one of the reasons that he doesn't attend any Church and doesn't care because that that is one of the reasons we go to Church; to gather with other Christians, to Praise and Worship, and learn!(just to mention a few) He comes off to me, and others by their admission, that he knows all there is to know that is important in the Bible. I am really concerned because I love him and want him to do the right thing and follow through what God has laid out for us. I am not trying to tell him that we should sacrifice animals which was a common practice in the old testament, (Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice), but Christian Standards and rules, for example going to Church, is an expectation, not an option. He says that his name won't be erased from the Lamb's Book of Life for missing Church occasionally, but it is not occasional. His mother isn't there b/c of her job to take him but he has many different ways to get to any church he wants to go to. IE, I just called a while ago to invite him to Church tomorrow and he came out and said that he didn't feel like it. This was after he made up many excuses like homework, he wanted to be alone, ect, I replied that I am sure Jesus didn't 'feel' like hanging on the cross to pay for our sins but He did. He got defensive to the point that to save argument, I offered to take him to any Church he wanted to go to. It slipped out of his mouth that he didn't like my Church so even offered to take him anywhere as long as he went and showed God an honest effort. I should have reminded him that there will come a day that we will not have Churches with doors open inviting us in, they will be locked and Christians will have to meet in secret in order to stay alive. I do not know what to do and will continue to pray about how to react and what to say to him, if I am supposed to say anything to my nephew at all. But as a Christian that knows, what I considered basic Christian principals, I feel an obligation to tell him what he is missing; not to judge him but to add to what he knows and how important it is. I dare to discuss other things that goes on in his house of a single parent family with 2 kids. Its like no attention has ever been payed to the chapters in Exodus before the 10 Commandments. I do not know how to talk about those actions or know if it is my place to. I am often treated with contempt when I try to mention an 'alternative' way of living, when I am really telling them that a particular action is wrong. I believe that a 14 year old boy who preaches, says he has reached the age of accountability, and 'educates' people on what they are doing wrong, should not have to sleep with his own mother every night because he is scared. He does not have a bedroom b/c him and his mother share. When the mother is at work at night, he has to sleep with his 18 year old sister who has severe asperger's disease. He cannot go to bed alone. When his mother is off, and I am over, she cannot stay up past 10:30 on a school night because he has a fit and will not let her have any peace until she comes back there. What typically happens is she lays there until he is good and asleep and then gets back up to watch tv or come over to my house while he is asleep next door. I am trying to remove myself from the situation so I can see from the outside and also trying to see from each of their perspectives. If the mother agrees with something he needs to work on, she says that it is her fault and tries to pick up the blame and put it on herself, that doesn't fly now. He is passed the age of parent accountability for their children. When he goes off on one of his preachings modes and I try to discuss the subject from a different perspective, he gets defensive and will even argue till the point that he is calling out my personal faults bc he gets so offended just because you disagree with him. The mother will not stop him and lets him rage on even in somebody else's house. I have stopped him before on the basis that this is my house and you need to respect your elders. I have also recently stopped arguments by way of saying, 'Do you think Jesus would be proud or be pleased to see two Christians arguing over the past and/or arguing about what you should wear to Church, how you should preach, and (whatever he argued about)?' This is not pleasing to God so STOP, I am not going to talk about it anymore. It burns him up but I stop the argument and conversation. If it has gotten to the point that I made that comment, then the evening or whatever we were doing has ended and all will go home, or as soon as we leave a restaurant or whatever we are doing. I hope someone can appreciate how frustrating it is when you are just trying to do good and every time you mention something to help another Christian grow and learn something new, you start an argument and make someone so angry its unbelievable. I have, am, and will continue to pray about this situation, but is there anyone out there with any advice or has been through a similar situation? I apologize for the long blog, but I am really concerned and need help.

How Should a Christian Respond to “Gay Marriage”? - Answers in Genesis
rapidralph says: I for one believe God’s holy word defines marriage as one and one woman. One way it does this is by pronouncing homosexuality as sin. There is one example; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. If you read the verses before and after this, I believe it is not taken out of context. We must love and be tolerant of everyone but some things Jesus teaches must not be accepted. In other words; love the person hate the (homosexual) sin.

Judge angels - a Christian perspective
Karen Davis says: We flock to non-believers to teach them the Word of God, despite the persecutions we will receive, and we are promised this, Being a Christian is not Lofty it is an Honor and a privilege to Serve God First, His Children Second and our selves last. We are His servants, Not above Him or Lofty in any way, we are all sinners and redeemed by the Grace of God. Saved from the fires of hell only by His grace, love, and mercy. God's Job is the Final Judgment, we are only to guide others not condone or condemn.

Sarai in the Bible - a Christian perspective
djenkins says: where is the verse of abraham traveling from Ur to Canaan can u please help me