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Dogs - a Christian perspective
andriaballo says: Does the bible mention anything about dogs or the souls of dogs?

Audio Bible Sponsors
Chris says: @Kapitonto you can listen to audio Bibles on BibleGateway.com. Hope that helps!

Lausanne Regional Gathering in Abuja, Nigeria: The African Church Prepares for 2010
Chris says: @Adeniyi You'll have to contact Lausanne directly. Here's their contact information: http://www.lausanneworldpulse.com/contact.php Hope that helps!

Greg Gordon : The Church That Would Not Suffer!
Elly Achok says: Please give me the rest of the article "the church that would not suffer by Greg Gordon

Lausanne World Pulse - A Focus on Southeast Asia: 663 Least-Reached People Groups Remain
Deona says: Hi! I am a grad student a Liberty University. I am interested in specific information regarding Bhutan. Is there a specific mission organization that is located in this small country. And of course any prayer needs. I have been praying daily for the countries emailed to me through a 10/40 organization. Thank-you for your efforts. Blessings in Christ, Diana Flores dflores2@liberty.edu

ackyles says: I am a leader in my worship group of about 6 couples and most of use have children. There is 1 single lady that her children are grown and moved on and another that is married and there children are grown and moved on also, and they do not feel that they should help in watching the children because they have no children at our group and they have let the group know that they are not watching the children. I have the children present during songs and prayer and then the children go in another room for there lesson and then they come back during the ending prayer. I am just wondering how I should handle this in a GODLY way. We meet once a week on Thursdays. It has been brought to my attention from several group members that they feel they should particapate in watching the children also. Thank You and GOD BLESS.

Anxiety in the Bible: Philippians 4:6-7
dottie says: I have two daughters and two grandkids and I thank God for them, but my girls are really stressing me out. They have men in their lives who dont give them any help at all--no money no nothing, and then they depend on me to see them through. please give me some spiritual guidance.

Confessions from women about porn, lust and masturbation - XXXchurch
Sharon says: I am 64 years old and have been divorce for over twenty years, and I have been celibate for all that time. I am a Christian and want to know what God says about masturbation?

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Mona Merriman says: God bless you.