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10 Reasons To Believe In The Existence of God
cgbalfour says: You can not prove or disprove Thor, Zeus or The Flying spaghetti Monster but it doesn't mean they exist. You have a very poor argument based on unproven religious propaganda. Yes that's right 'unproven'. Get over it and stop spreading your fear and propaganda.

"Iron sharpens iron" in the Bible: Proverbs 27:17
Chris says: @Shiloh totally, sometimes the simplest truths are the hardest to practice. Thanks for chiming in!

Goodbye, Ordinary! - #5927
Lopez Manuel says: How can I keep myself away from sinning and watching super evil stuff that the Lord Jesus Christ hates to watch me watch? I like Pornography, Heavy Metal, except for drugs of any matter, and I also like to lust quite a lot!! Is there any prayer that youguys can do for me? My name is Manuel Lopez. If you ever want to come and do a long prayer in my house, I would be very honored. Editor's note: address was removed from comment.

Living Hope Ministries
Brian Harbeck says: Would like to order a whole bunch of "The Bible VS The Book of Mormon." How much do they cost?

My Child, My Mirror - #2653
Jim Price says: My ministry is confined to a county jail. I'm just looking for material. I also teach drug classes in and out of the jail, I can use all the help I can get. Thanks

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Parents Playing Offense - #9194 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
Lisa says: Need advice on my fifteen year old son - a single christian mom. thank you.

Freedom from pornography and sexual sin - The Way of Purity at Setting Captives Free
Angolere Sam says: faithfulness is the main and appropriate ideal for all christians

"Saved" in the Bible: Acts 4:11-12
Musicalvoices says: To "I once was lost" Just a special note is that only the blood of Christ can wash away sins. Baptism is for a witness of the saving transaction between the sinner and the forgiving Christ, when the sinner confesses His sin of rejecting Christ and all that He stands for and commands us, and His love. If baptism were a truly saving factor, then the thief on the cross would not have gone on to be with Christ when he died. Thank you precious one.

"Saved" in the Bible: Acts 4:11-12
Musicalvoices says: update to I once was lost - Sorry, I did not finish a line: ....when the sinner confesses his/her sin of rejecting Christ and all that He stands for and commands us, and His love, and it is genuine, then we become a child of God, rather or not we are ever able to become baptized in water. Just as the thief on the cross, there are and always have been, over the centuries, and even today, people who accept Christ as Lord and Savior, either on their deathbed, or in other circumstances where and when they cannot be openly baptized as a beginning witness that they now belong to Christ. Thank you again precious one.

Meditation in the Bible: Psalm 19:14
sylamay lagman says: As i read the verse it really struck me... because sometimes i forget my meditation or quiet time everyday. While reading i learned i shold seek all the more...