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Barabbas in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Chris says: We're only told that that's what he was called. It seems plausible that he had another name given how many biblical characters have alternate names, but I'm not sure. Any Hebrew scholars have an insight into this one?

Barabbas in the Bible - a Christian perspective
John Wright says: Since Bar-abbas means son-father which means impostor, was Barabbas a common hebrew name or was his Barabbass name an alias?

Table - a Christian perspective
Patricia Adair Doyle says: I love this one: Psalm 23:5 (KJV) Thank you.

Fallen angel - a Christian perspective
caroline orozco says: What do you have on demons and fallen angels. what is the difference?

Dogs - a Christian perspective
Chris says: @andriaballo gotquestions.org has an article about your question that seems pretty good: http://www.gotquestions.org/pets-heaven.html You'll probably get a different answer depending on whom you ask though. Personally speaking, I can't imagine that God created all the animals without having an express purpose for their lives and deaths.

Module 110: Augustine | Christian History Institute
tdawson says: Would like resources for Augustine Confessions on Monica. Thank you!

An Answering Person Or An Answering Machine? - #5722
Bukelani Mbele says: I learnt from the Bibble that Jesus Christ was an Israelite,why He is praised by all nation.He also said so to the woman from Samaria who had a girl diagnosed by demon,instead of helping her Jesus said clearly that He was sent to lost sheeps of Israel(not in the whole world).If the Bible has'nt arrive to my country,I would not know any thing about Jesus.Do you think God hate us that much that we would know Him from what is written(Bibble) and things which took place is certain countries.Think about different races with diferent cultures.

An Answering Person Or An Answering Machine? - #5722
Bukelani Mbele says: Do you still hope that Jesus Christ will come back again,after all this years.If it not so,why Christians still sing songs that says Jesus will return again.

Sunday in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Bukelani Mbele says: Why most Christians worship on Sunday while says that the Seventh day of the week is Saturday?Why the do not rest?Why there are so many Congregation,they all call themselves Chistians?

Live and not die in the Bible - a Christian perspective
snewquist says: Wow... very interesting what i think about this passage is that you die but you really dont die. Meaning we might die when we are on Earth but if you truly believe in Jesus Christ our savior you will live for eternity. Even though you died doesnt mean you will be dead for ever you only will die and go to Hell is if you dont believe in Jesus Christ,the lord our savior, it isn't hard to accept Jesus in your heart. If you say you beieve in Jesus people will believe you, but if you just say it because you know its right but you don't truly believe God will know!!!! God Bless You!!!! And he will...