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"Wings of eagles" in the Bible: Isaiah 40:30-31
Andy says: I really like your metaphor of falling asleep and being refreshed when you waken, Timekaj! I think that's exactly the feeling of "soaring" that this passage is referring to.

How Should a Christian Respond to “Gay Marriage”? - Answers in Genesis
elisa says: I agree...love the sinner, hate the sin. I believe that we should speak the truth; however, we need not shun homosexuals. I am selfish (which is sinful), yet people still are friends with me. In addition, homosexual orientation itself is not a sin, only the act itself is a sin (so it is possible that God created some people that way).

Chris says: @ackyles it seems to me that if they don't want to do it, they probably shouldn't. Especially when it comes to kids. Personally, and I might be wrong, I think you should talk to each of them individually and ask them if they want to help, if they do, great! If they don't, that's fine too. Make sure they know how to get in touch with you if they change their mind. If there's one thing I've learned about volunteer work it's that forcing someone to do something that their heart isn't into is never beneficial. It creates tension and stress that often spills over into other aspects of life. Just my two cents.

"Free" in the Bible: John 8:35-36
Bafena Hurissa says: Thank you for your free Bible Steady God bless you

Idle hands - a Christian perspective
Chris says: @woo If you're not doing so already, I'd start with some daily discipline. It's amazing how practicing self-discipline in one area affects other areas of your life. I'd recommend starting to read the Bible and praying every day. Doing those two things (even if it's just one verse and one minute of prayer a day) will transform your life over time.

Joined together - a Christian perspective
Chris says: @kpotter577 I think you'll get different answers depending on whom you ask, but I think when people marry they join themselves regardless of whether or not they're trying to follow God's will. As to your other questions, anyone else care to take a shot?

Christian Camp and Conference Association - Membership
Chris says: @pasumarthi You'll have to contact the CCCA directly. You can do that through their website: http://www.ccca.org/public/membership/membership.asp

"Free" in the Bible: John 8:35-36
Chris says: @Bafena Thanks for chiming in! We're happy to have you around!

"Iron sharpens iron" in the Bible: Proverbs 27:17
Shiloh says: I'm totally agree about this but sometimes it is hard to do it..

Lausanne World Pulse - A Focus on Southeast Asia: 663 Least-Reached People Groups Remain
Chris says: @Deona I'd bet that Lausanne could help you with that. I'd try contacting them directly: http://www.lausanneworldpulse.com/contact.php Hope that helps!