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Bible Concordance :: Sabbath
Fritz says: Searching for how many times the word Sabbath is mentioned in the Bible.

Doesn’t Carbon-14 Dating Disprove the Bible? - Answers in Genesis
lloyd says: i would like to know wheather it is a sin to date at the age of 16 or not because i'm not dating at the moment and there is a girl that i like at school but i cannot make a move until i'm well informed.please help me!

"By his stripes we are healed" in the Bible: Isaiah 53:4-5
cyndi says: Why doesn't Jesus heal all christians from diseases? Such as cancer. What does it actually mean with his stripes we are healed?

How Should a Christian Respond to “Gay Marriage”? - Answers in Genesis
emeka80 says: Danielson5000, we should never tolerate sin. We have to love the people, not the sin. It doesn't mean that Christians are perfect. We're required to preach the gospel the way it is, but not being judgmental. To say that people are born to be gay, is to say that God is a liar. He clearly says in 1 Cor 6:9 that those who practice homosexuality will not inherit the kingdom of God. So, God cannot contradict Himself. He can't create someone to be gay, and then turn around and punish that person. Sin is a lifestyle that we all choose. The passing of Prop 8 is a good thing. The church is supposed to have an influence in the community. God demands that His word be known. Just like "Jesus is coming" said, if we don't preach the gospel, we'll pay the price. You're right that this is a free country. I'm a big believer in freewill because that's something that God Himself gave mankind. But remember that Adam and Eve used their freewill, and look at where we are today. There's always a consequence for every sin, be it little or big.

Rapture in the Bible: 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17
craig says: 1 thes 4:15-17 Q: how is it a secret rapture if there is a SHOUT and the TRUMP of GOD? Iv'e heard a shout before and iv'e heard a trumpet, how much loader would the trumpet of god be? please explain. thank you craig

XXXCHURCH.COM - Porn Help and Recovery
mar says: My husband doesn't think watching porn or masturbating is a sin because it does not specifically say that in the bible. He said that people twist the words to make it state that. men have needs and I can not provide for him all the time. Is this true or is there a bible referance that specifically mentions porn and masturbation???

XXXCHURCH.COM - Porn Help and Recovery
admin says: Mar, I would strongly recommend that you take a look at the XXXChurch.com ministry. They have a section specifically for spouses in your situation. You will find quite a few wives (and some husbands as well) talking there about their experiences with a spouse's interest in pornography. The questions you ask are the sort of issue they work out. So take a look--I think you will find it helpful.

Going Back To Where You Went Wrong - #2823
Tony Canino says: My wife of 54 years died and I want to ask for her forgiveness about incident that occoured in her life that she and I never talked about it . . . but it caused heartache all through our marriage.

Women in ministry: facing the cultural and clerical challenges
Vincent Zendejas says: I have a cuestion about a verse in the bible that talks about women not permited to speek in the congregation.I have no problem with women in ministry if they are doing God's will. But I have a friend that doe's have a problem with that issue.He told me that one time he went to a church and a women was priching, he turned arrownd and left.

Devotional : Loving the Lost
Henderson Callender says: Information helpful. We do often see "winning the Lost" as a job to do in obedience to God's command. We should be much more effective if it was a matter of the heart. thanks