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Judging others - a Christian perspective
William Lugo says: Man judges the things of men, the sins of man was dealt with by God at the cross of Calvary. Sin was judged and done away with for ever. Jesus said "And when He (Holy Spirit) has come, He will CONVICT the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment" John 16:8. In the fallowing verses He explains why, see v.9-11. Jesus did not give to us the authority to judge our brethren or neighbor not even our enemies but commanded us to love them. He gave us authority over the works of Satan and empower us with His Holy Spirit to convict the world and one another by His teachings, the Gospel of Salvation. The only person that the Gospel teaches to judge is one self.(I will live this for anyone who is convicted to seek it out as the Holy Spirit will help you)

Clouds in the Bible: 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18
smithunlimited says: Please tell me where I can find scripture that states that Christians will be raptured or caught up to heaven before the antichrist can come into power? Thank you Candis

Idle hands - a Christian perspective
woo says: how do i overcome help... :(

Classic Bible Commentaries
Bill Boltler says: Very good study material

Confessions from women about porn, lust and masturbation - XXXchurch
says: What scriptures talk about masterbation?

Audio Bible :: NIV
Cheryl Samuels says: I can not thank those of you who put all this (Websites,Audio Bibles and reading them into a microphone for hours on end;enough!!!!! I am a Diabetic which went undiagnosed for many years therefore I have vision problems as well as hearing problems so what a blessing all this is for me and countless others who use this site for their daily study and devotion.I love you all!!! Thank you each and every one for if it were not for this site (s),I would still be squinting away at my Bible.Your Sister in Christ,Cheryl Samuels

Tithe in the Bible - a Christian perspective
aurea sabater says: i want to give tithe and offering, but my husband is not at all with what the bible teachings or the church. he thinks i am preaching to him but i try to explain the scripture. his words "i do thanks God for making it this far and what we do have", "he says" but if i try to explain that God has bless us and how much more would we be bless if we learn to be obiendance and give what he gave anyway first to us.he is just consume because we have many debts and i am just coming back to the working field. sadly we left this talk in a bad note and i felt like i didnt ask God, if the timing was okay for him to recv.is there anything else i could do?that would be like me giving my tithe and offering. I know God knows my heart conserning this issue. i just need to hear another point of view. i know the nature man cannot understand without the spirit so as i try to understand submission what is my best position . thank you ! this is the first time i ever wrote anything to share by computer but i hope your answer will help many other readers.

Andy says: Diana, that quote from Bunyan sounds harsh at first. But I think what he's saying is that few people receive forgiveness because few people SEEK that forgiveness. The Bible is incredibly clear (as you can see in Poky's comment above) that God never turns away those who come to him asking for forgiveness for their sins and mistakes. The problem isn't that God doesn't forgive people--it's that not enough people repent and ask Him for that forgiveness.

Spiritual Help
Lemon Raphaella says: nedd some strong spiritual help for my son , who his right now in big trouble.

Stripes in the Bible: Isaiah 53:5
Chris says: @Ekele It seems to me that Peter is purposefully referencing this verse in Isaiah. He's trying to say that Jesus was the one Isaiah was talking about when he wrote "with his stripes we are healed." Does that help?